Our precast concrete will have your house looking great

Pre-cast concrete in Mildura

Sunraysia Pipes & Products at Mildura are industry leaders when it comes to concrete supplies. With a great range of pre-cast concrete in Mildura to choose from, Sunraysia Pipes & Products's concrete is cured before it arrives at your venue, and will last a lifetime. 

Pre-cast concrete in Mildura

Sunraysia Pipes & Products has a huge range of precast concrete products, and can tailor a product to suit your specific needs. Our range includes;

  • Stormwater drainage products
  • Sewer access products
  • Electrical pits and covers
  • Septic Tanks
  • Trade Waste Arrestors
  • Landscape products

And more! Give us a call today to discuss your needs.



We are proud leaders in our business. Our staff are fully qualified tradesmen with years of experience.  At [COMPANY ] we have been doing the job for years, we know that you want quality, affordability and efficiency. Our staff's aim is to have quick installation of your concrete, with one day turnaround to avoid safety hazards that can arise from trenches. 

Call us today for the best and most affordable pre-cast concrete in Mildura!

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