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Sunraysia Pipes & Products are who you go to when you need a concrete supplier in Mildura. We can create pre-cast concrete to your own specifications, making the whole job hassle free! Call us today to discuss your precast concrete needs.

We are proud leaders in our business. Our staff are fully qualified tradesmen with years of experience. At [COMPANY ] we have been doing the job for years, we know that you want quality, affordability and efficiency.


Trust us with your concrete supply

Safety is important to us. Open excavations can be dangerous and it can be costly to maintain safety fences/barriers.

COMPANY has short installation times, which means that time staff spend deep inside excavations is kept to a minimum, and barricading and safety equipment are not needed for extended periods. It also saves on production downtime due to staff having to spend their day supervising other staff in the trench. Sunraysia Pipes & Products’s range of pre-cast concrete is an essential product for pedestrian access areas, which is where our same day job completion comes in handy.


No job is too hard for us

Sunraysia Pipes & Products’s pre-cast concrete can be delivered to your work site at a time that is convenient for you and your business.

Our concrete is already cured, which means that the finished product can be used immediately!

Don’t risk problems with the concrete not setting or being damaged in situ before it has properly set – get our pre cast concrete and get the job done! 

Unique design

We handle unique designs

Sunraysia Pipes & Products can tailor our pre-cast concrete to your specificiations.

Each piece can be individually manufactured to your requirements.

Penetrations and exact heights can be incorporated directly from your engineering plans to create a custom built pit where needed.

We also offer a full range of access covers and gratings to finish your project. Sunraysia Pipes & Products - the concrete supplier in Mildura.